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Whenever a raw material, a work-in-progress, or finished goods are shipped off, this entire process requires management of the goods, storage, mode of delivery, and the speed of delivery.

The management of these processes is a part of logistics. According to the Council of Logistics Management, logistics is summarized as the flow of goods and services from production to consumption.

Logistics management for shipping aims for on-time delivery to the final recipient of the product, usually the customer. Producing on-time delivery is not an easy task, because it requires your logistics to be efficient, and each step to be effective. Below, we will cover the different steps and factors that are found in shipping logistics.

Logistics terminology:

  • Integrated logistics – Seen as all the steps of delivery put together, from raw material to finished good.
  • Inbound logistics – Delivery of goods from manufacturer or production to storage facility.
  • Outbound logistics – Delivery of products from storage to consumer.
  • Third party logistics – Transportation of goods provided by a party other than the manufacturer of the goods themselves.
  • Intermodal transportation – Transportation by two or more modes, such as ground and air.
  • Traffic management – Management of transportation modes and service.
  • Reverse logistics – return delivery to the retailer or manufacturer after the good has been sold and delivered.

The Logistics Process

As a product moves from its initial phase of a raw good to its final phase to a finished good, ready for sale and delivery, it undergoes different steps of logistics. The first is inbound logistics, where the good, either raw or finished, is transported to retailers to sell to customers. The good may be stored either at the manufacturer’s site or at the retailer’s site until it is sold and shipped off. When it is shipped off, the management of the delivery from the manufacturer or retailer to the producer is known as outbound logistics. These steps are outlined to give you a general idea of how logistics management works. Each step undergoes traffic management to make shipping the good more efficient. This includes intermodal transportation, such as either by land, sea, or by air to get the shipment to the delivery site on-time.

Balancing the Logistics Process & Strengthening the Suplly Chain

Finding a balanced logistic management system takes many trials, and is different for each individual business. This is why we offer customizable transportation management, which includes all mentioned modes of transportation and their accompanying effective routes to provide you with the most efficient delivery possible. After speaking with our implementation team about your delivery needs, we can match your interests to lane patterns, equipment utilization, routes, transportation modes, and costs to give you options, so you can make a selection fit for your business. Having more options saves you the time and money you can use to focus on more important things.


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